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We understand the critical challenges you face in program management. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge platform that addresses each obstacle head-on. With PROGMENTUM, you'll enjoy the benefits of

  • standardized and automated report submissions
  • effortless customization of data sorting and filtering
  • simplified management of contacts and resources
  • real-time updates on program statuses through our 'right person, right information, right time' notifications
  • our secure organization and agency portals ensure data integrity and confidentiality and so much more!

It's time to reclaim your efficiency, maximize your impact, and navigate the complexities of program management with confidence. Discover the power of PROGMENTUM today and experience the future of seamless program management.


Lack of Standardization

Varied systems or methods for collecting and reporting data make it difficult to compare and aggregate information across agencies or programs. This leads to inconsistencies and errors in the data, as well as the duplication of effort in data entry and analysis.

High Volume of Data

Another challenge is the sheer volume of data that needs to be collected, processed, and analyzed. Government programs often serve large populations and collect a vast amount of information on program participants, making it difficult to manage and use the data effectively.

Limited Resources

Agencies may also struggle with limited resources, such as funding and staff, which can make it difficult to implement and maintain effective data tracking and reporting systems.

Loss of Continuity

Staff turnover often means a loss of knowledge, history and experience. It can be time consuming to try to onboard new staff and a richness of history is often lost. In addition, the changes in staff are often hard to track for parent organizations meaning that they lack knowledge of training gaps and resource availability.

These challenges make it difficult for government agencies to accurately track and report on program outcomes and impact, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and improve program design and implementation.


PROGMENTUM is the ultimate solution designed to revolutionize the experience of public health departments, foundations, and not-for-profits by providing a streamlined, efficient, and automated system that empowers you to take control and thrive.

Say goodbye to the headaches of chasing inconsistent report submissions, overwhelming data volume, overextending limited resources, and the constant struggle to maintain continuity amidst staff turnover.

PROGMENTUM offers solutions to ensure your program's success.



Automated Report Submissions

  • Single source for submission
  • Automatic renewals
  • Repository of submissions
  • Track outstanding tasks
  • Robust notifications and status updates
  • Reduced data entry time

Standardized Data

  • Consistent data sets
  • Analysis is easier and more effective
  • Operationalize processes regardless of changes in personnel
  • Standardized historical data gives context for efficacy and opportunity
  • Historical data can familiarize new staff

Templated Design

  • Submission templates built for your programs
  • Flexible to address changing needs
  • Drag-and-drop design of submission reports
  • The perfect combination of flexibility and conistency

Rapid Onboarding

  • Set up a new program with submission reports, automation, and assignments in MINUTES
  • Add agencies to your portfolio quickly
  • Assign agencies to a program with a single click
  • Notifications, To-Do lists and reminders are automatically set for you

Organization and Agency Portals

  • Agencies connect with others within their programs
  • Communicate information, submit reports, and track data
  • Real time contact and staff information maintained by agencies
  • Retain information regarding contact's experience and skills even during turnover

Robust Reporting

  • Report on repository of skills and services to map this information geographically
  • Export full data sets for further analyzing
  • Manageable view of data across agencies, dates, and programs


Our cutting-edge platform empowers organizations to streamline processes, generate reports effortlessly, and enhance collaboration.

We are revolutionizing the way public health departments and harm reduction non-profits work. Simplify your program management and embark on a journey of progress with PROGMENTUM.

Just Ask Our Partners

This system assists us with managing and administering all federal awards and seamlessly tracks all deliverables at the agency level. Because the data and information collection are agency-driven, our administrative responsibilities have reduced by 75%. Program performance can be reviewed in real time at both the state and agency level, helping our team make data-informed decisions throughout the grant period.
J. Nichols - Prevention Director, HIV/STI/HCV - Indiana Department of Health